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Our Love of Coffee Only Leads to Good Things

“What interests do you have, at Longleaf Collection, aside from the work you do every day?”

It’s a good question, posed to us by our new marketing company, KazCM (KazSource). They help us to create content, engage with our market, and develop new opportunities. At first, I wondered where they were going with this question, but today I realized we have been living the answer without even knowing it.

The answer, our primary collective interest, apart from our actual work, is… COFFEE!

We love coffee.

We love drinking coffee, thinking about coffee, talking about coffee, and, well, we like all things coffee–so much so that some years ago we formed a relationship with Cactus Creek Coffee, a local coffee company (Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee Roasters). We like the owner, the business, and, of course, their coffee.

As a result of this relationship with Cactus Creek Coffee, we now have a coffee spot to feel welcome in. We even co-branded our own line of coffee with Cactus Creek. You can see our branded coffee in the image for this article on Facebook. As coffee lovers, we thought, how great!

Now we have great coffee and great friends (the Cactus Creek people). Things are good! If that’s all that came of our love of coffee, we would be delighted–but Cactus Creek, as it turns out, likes our work. Our new friends hired us to make custom door hardware for their coffee shop! So, we got to have a lasting impression on the coffee business we love. Every time someone walks into Cactus Creek Coffee, they have to grab this (insert image of door hardware).

Wait, so our love of coffee led to someone liking the products we create? I just wanted a cup of coffee! But this is how business works—we talk about things we are interested in, genuinely, with no ulterior motives, and it leads to things. Good things. Unexpected things.

And those good things keep happening. Because of that question from our marketing company, we are now writing about coffee—which is a lot of fun, and gives us the opportunity to give back to our friends at Cactus Creek by telling the world how awesome their business is.

Who knew coffee could take us this far?


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