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The High Point Market Home Furnishings Event is the Beginning of So Much

Arriving at the High Point Market Home Furnishings Event is always met with a rush of excitement. People from all over the world arriving in a small city in North Carolina. Interior Designers, Builders, Architects, Decorators, Furnishers, and so many more related to those occupations. All of it is exciting, overwhelming, and well everything!

The High Point Market offers so much- opportunities, showcase, learn, network, explore.

High Point Market Home Furnishings Event Opportunities

If nothing else comes from your time at the High Point Market, there should be some opportunities from the High Point Market. Opportunities for your business, opportunities for clients, opportunities for a new purchase, opportunities to grow. It’s the Super Bowl event for the furnishing industry. It doesn’t mean everyone will win, but everyone will have an opportunity. Make the most of it—see it as an incredible opportunity.

High Point Market Home Furnishings Event Showcase

Want others to learn about your products? There is no better time to do this than the High Point Market. A booth, a room, a chance. A chance for someone to see your product. We create custom manufactured door hardware. We have a wall of our products. Anyone that walks by can see our product. They can touch and feel our product. They can talk to us about our product. Want to understand what this door handle means to us, why we created it, why it’s different? You can do that at the High Point Market.

High Point Market Home Furnishings Event Learning

With so many people at the High Point Market event, learning is available. Learning at one of the presentations, learning by talking to people at their booths (comes visit us at H-6175?. We love teaching!), learning by talking to anyone there. People are from all over. From Charlotte to New York City to Los Angeles to London to Dallas to Sarasota to you name it! There are old friends and new friends. Everyone there has something to teach and something to learn. Going back to an earlier idea—it’s an opportunity.

High Point Home Furnishings Event Networking

Taking the opportunity and learning point further, networking at the High Point Market may be the one thing that makes this event so special. And I don’t mean handing your business card to as many people as possible. I mean genuinely networking. Engaging with people, finding out what they do, what they like, how you can help them—it’s all at the core of the High Point Market. Yes, everyone wants to make a deal—and we’re no different, but really, we want to help good people. If that leads to a deal- so be it. If it leads to enjoying coffee together then that’s great too!

High Point Home Furnishings Event Exploring

Every time I visit the market, I take time to explore. Sure, it may lead to opportunities, learning about new things, and good networking, but more than all that is just taking it all in. The sheer size of the High Point Market is something to behold. The stated square footage (what is sq footage?) doesn’t count the free-standing buildings. In this small town of High Point, North Carolina, two times a year the city comes to life. And then you can see all of the great products and those people producing those products. What about all the ideas that people have. I mean—wow! And then the exploration creates new ideas (where do you think this article came from!). Explore the market.

If nothing else, the High Point Market is an experience. Maybe you take that experience and go one—and that’s great! But maybe you dig deep and create new opportunities, maybe you showcase your product to the right person, maybe you learn something new you can apply to your business, maybe you network with people that will be able to help your business years from now, and maybe you explore and get some walking miles in! Whatever you do, enjoy the High Point Market. It truly is our Super Bowl! See you in April!


A Familiar Face at the High Point Market

As you make your way around the High Point Market one thing becomes clear—there is no way you can see it all. It’s way too big and complex. Regulars know this and come with a game plan. They know where the shops and booths they want to visit are, and they go to the same places, year after year.  Sure, many make time to do a little exploring, too, but most people are most familiar with—and most comfortable in—just a few areas of the market.

This is why after many years as a vendor at the High Point Market (#HPMKT), we are still in the same spot, M-6035 of the Suites at Marketplace building on the 2nd floor. To some, this lack of variety would seem boring. There are people we don’t ever see, because we’re never in the parts of the market they frequent. But we stay in the same place on purpose because we want to become familiar. We want to build relationships.

Does our strategy work?

People walk by our booth. Some stop to look, some stop to chat, some are our current clients and old friends. Other people walk by like they are going somewhere else. All of it is good, and all of it is part of the intrigue of the High Point Market.

A couple of years ago, there we were at High Point, when a woman stopped by and looked around, inquisitively. I approached her and asked how she was doing. She looked at me like she knew me.

“I’ve been coming to this market for many years,” she explained. “I guess I’ve walked by your booth every time, because last year you just seemed familiar. This year, I decided to stop and say hi.”

We talked some more, and it turned out she’s a designer. She showed interest in our custom door hardware designs and is still a client of ours today.

Our booth remains at M-6035 at the High Point Market. And because of our consistent location, sometimes people stop by, even if it takes them a couple of years. Some become clients. Some become friends.  The High Point Market is an amazing place, a living thing that breeds relationships like the one we made with this interior designer.

Yes, our strategy works. Yes, becoming a familiar face matters.


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Customization is the Key For Door Handles

The entry point is the first part of a home or room that people see and touch. It makes a lasting impression on the owner or the guest. We know you don’t take welcoming someone into your domain lightly, so we don’t, either. That’s why what we do—creating customized door hardware—is so important to us.

Do you want to take your ideas, your interests, your passions and create something unique for the entry point of your house or room?

We’ve worked with a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan to create a Vikings-themed door knob for his man cave. A regular door knob would not do. It needed to be custom made, it needed to fit this man’s passion—the Vikings. When Sunday comes around and he enters that room, the door knob says it’s time for some football. And not just any football…Minnesota Vikings football! What a fun project for us to work on. To deliver a piece that screamed passion is a blast for us.

Cactus Creek Coffee is a great little coffee shop run by friends of ours. We’ve told you how we arranged a partnership with Cactus Creek (because we love coffee so much!) and how our love of coffee led to great things, including a business deal? Well, this was the deal. Our friends wanted something special for the entry way to the shop they are so proud of, so we created a custom door handle with the Cactus Creek Coffee branding.

Door handles, knobs, and other hardware can have many inspirations. Perhaps yours is that trip to Italy or France, or perhaps it’s important to match something from your newly designed interior. Whatever the inspiration is, use it, and make sure people who visit you are welcomed with something that really matters to you. Make sure you get that great feeling that comes when you reach out and grab unique door hardware, the door handle that is yours. All yours.


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Our Love of Coffee Only Leads to Good Things

“What interests do you have, at Longleaf Collection, aside from the work you do every day?”

It’s a good question, posed to us by our new marketing company, KazCM (KazSource). They help us to create content, engage with our market, and develop new opportunities. At first, I wondered where they were going with this question, but today I realized we have been living the answer without even knowing it.

The answer, our primary collective interest, apart from our actual work, is… COFFEE!

We love coffee.

We love drinking coffee, thinking about coffee, talking about coffee, and, well, we like all things coffee–so much so that some years ago we formed a relationship with Cactus Creek Coffee, a local coffee company (Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee Roasters). We like the owner, the business, and, of course, their coffee.

As a result of this relationship with Cactus Creek Coffee, we now have a coffee spot to feel welcome in. We even co-branded our own line of coffee with Cactus Creek. You can see our branded coffee in the image for this article on Facebook. As coffee lovers, we thought, how great!

Now we have great coffee and great friends (the Cactus Creek people). Things are good! If that’s all that came of our love of coffee, we would be delighted–but Cactus Creek, as it turns out, likes our work. Our new friends hired us to make custom door hardware for their coffee shop! So, we got to have a lasting impression on the coffee business we love. Every time someone walks into Cactus Creek Coffee, they have to grab this (insert image of door hardware).

Wait, so our love of coffee led to someone liking the products we create? I just wanted a cup of coffee! But this is how business works—we talk about things we are interested in, genuinely, with no ulterior motives, and it leads to things. Good things. Unexpected things.

And those good things keep happening. Because of that question from our marketing company, we are now writing about coffee—which is a lot of fun, and gives us the opportunity to give back to our friends at Cactus Creek by telling the world how awesome their business is.

Who knew coffee could take us this far?


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