Longleaf Collection

Custom Colors and Options

The Sky is the Limit in Color Choices with Colorful Personalities

llfredcolorLongleaf Collection® pushes the color envelope to the limit with its designer-focused service of limitless color choices. Designers can mix and match colors in Longleaf’s Colorful Personalities to work with any décor.

Colorful Personalities comes with another flexible customer service advantage: For a nominal fee, orders may be returned to Longleaf at a later date to be switched to another color. This enables hardware that is built to last for a lifetime to accommodate changing design requirements.

Our manufacturing capability has produced stunning new, long-lasting color choices for metal where we use existing light to achieve uncanny results. The spectrum of color is available across the full product offering of passage and privacy and single dummy, backplates, levers, knobs, handles, entrance trim sets, hardware door accessories, and cabinet hardware bathroom accessories, and branding them around any theme or decor.

Instead of being limited to “what’s available” in hardware, designers now have for the first time the ability to create whatever they want with Longleaf’s Colorful Personalities.

Custom-Manufactured Designs, Engravings and More

Longleaf Collection offers a complete line of standard, quality-made hardware. But Longleaf is better known for its custom solutions.

Longleaf Collection has the technical expertise and capability to design, engineer and custom manufacture all types of hardware and accessories to accommodate the specific needs and wishes of our customers. And all of this custom work is done in our U.S. facility, allowing Longleaf to offer personalized service and prompt turnaround.

Examples of Longleaf’s custom orders have included:

  • Creating custom engravings, such as family crests, logos and house numbers
  • Custom finishing other brass hardware to match Longleaf finishes
  • Engineering security hardware to custom specifications
  • Custom-made handles to accommodate a homeowner with physical limitations


Longleaf’s custom services are not limited to traditional hardware either: One of our jobs, for instance, entailed creating brass feet for a clawfoot bathtub to match the rest of the bathroom décor.

Plus, Longleaf’s custom services are reasonably priced, bringing your design within reach.

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